Lytton's Diary b/w Database

Lytton's Diary b/w Database (1985)

Track Title Length
1 The Theme From Lytton's Diary ' "
2 Database ' "

Lytton's Diary b/w Database (1985)

Artist List
Artist Name Instrument
Rick Wakeman Keyboards

Lytton's Diary b/w Database (Lytton's Diary b/w Database)

Type Cat No. Label Country
7" Vinyl WAKE 2 President UK

Lytton's Diary b/w Database (1985)

Miscellaneous Information
Equipment Studio Engineering

Rick's Perspective
This single came about after I was asked to compose the music for the TV series of the same name which starred Peter Bowles. The series was about a gossip columnist at a major newspaper. The series bombed and so did the single.
Wakey's Verdict
Collectable if not that playable!
Little Known Trivia
The original demo of the music was played much slower but it had to be recorded much faster as they shortened the opening credits and it was the only way I could get all the music to fit in!!!